You’re so Vane

Tick-Tock Weather Vane

Not every reference to Disney’s animated characters in the parks is easy to spot at eye level. Much like trying to find Peter Pan himself, sometimes you have to look up towards the sky. For example, if you scan at the rooftops of Fantasyland, you may notice a familiar reptile perched there. Located along the roof line between the exit to “Mickey’s Philharmagic” and the exit of “Peter Pan’s Flight” is a weather vane inspired by Tick-Tock, the crocodile from the Walt Disney’s “Peter Pan.”

The crocodile’s constant pursuit of Captain Hook throughout the course of the 1953 film provided some of its broadest and funniest scenes, many of which were animated by Woolie Reitherman. One of the studio’s directing animators known as “Walt’s Nine Old Men,” Reitherman often specialized in animating action sequences, whether they were dramatic like the Maleficent Dragon sequence from “Sleeping Beauty” or comical like the ones featuring Tock-Tock in “Peter Pan.” Given how memorable the scenes with the crocodile were, it’s only natural that the Imagineers would want to bring him into the Magic Kingdom not only in this small tribute but with predominate placement as the finale of the neighboring “Peter Pan’s Flight.” Although his smiling demeanor may look friendly here, be warned. As Hook himself would no doubt tell you, Tick-Tock is always looking for a hand out.


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