Woody’s Breakfast Roundup


Since so many Disney’s Hollywood Studios guests make the popular “Toy Story Midway Mania” their first stop at park opening in order to ride it before the line gets too long, perhaps its fitting that there is a giant box of cereal nearby to greet them on those early mornings. Dubbed as “The only cereal that sugar-frosted and dipped in chocolate,” Cowboy Crunchies was the sponsor of the fictional “Woody’s Roundup” television show in the Disney/Pixar animated feature “Toy Story 2.” This oversized cereal box is one of many larger-than-life props that surround “Woody’s Hey Howdy Hey Takeaway,” a small snack stand located at Pixar Place that takes its inspiration from Woody’s long-lost past.

In the 1999 Pixar sequel, Woody is amazed to discover that he is just one part of a large assortment of merchandise based on a 1950’s TV puppet show. This story choice required that Pixar’s artists design an entire collection of authentic-looking Baby Boom-era memorabilia based around the cowboy and his Roundup Gang. Many of these artists, including “Toy Story 2” director John Lasseter, relished the opportunity because they had grown up during the period of pop culture the film was seeking to recreate. The attention to detail shown in those pieces that were essentially created to be set dressing not only served to enrich the world of “Toy Story” on film but later on, as seen here, in the Disney parks as well.

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