The Gift of Gaston


The Imagineers who designed the recent expansion of Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom went to great lengths to make sure that locations from the classic Disney animated features they recreated looked just the way we all remember them from their respective film. One such example is Gaston’s Tavern from “Beauty and the Beast.” In the film, the tavern served as the location where a dejected Gaston was cheered up by a musical number that celebrated his favorite subject: himself. Although the Imagineers showed great respect to the source material in capturing the spirit of this memorable scene in three-dimensional form, that’s not to say that they didn’t add a few of their own touches along the way to keep things fresh for their guests.

One major example of something there that wasn’t there before is a predominate fountain featuring Gaston and his lackey LeFou located right in front of the tavern’s entrance. While it may have never appeared on the big screen, the fountain’s comical design and dedication plaque certainly showcase the sky high levels of machismo and self-absorption Gaston showed in the film. It reads:

“Tribute to Gaston

An Extravagantly Generous Gift to the humble People of My Village

From Gaston”

Have you ever had a LeFou’s Brew or Pork Shank at “Gaston’s Tavern”? Let me know in the comments section!

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