Journey into Riley’s Imagination


To promote Pixar’s latest release, “Inside Out,” Epcot’s “Magic Eye Theater,” part of the park’s “Imagination!” pavilion, briefly became home to an exclusive sneak peek of scenes the film earlier this summer. Staring group of anthropomorphic emotions, pictured here above the theater’s marquee, “Inside Out” follows their attempts to steer 11 year old Riley through a difficult move from Minneapolis to San Francisco. Filled with wildly imaginative depictions of the workings of the human mind, this Pixar production also features a couple Easter eggs related to an Epcot attraction located only steps away from the “Magic Eye Theater.” (Warning: Mild Spoilers Ahead)

In Imagination Land, one of the areas inside Riley’s mind, the landscape is (literally) made up of just about anything one can imagine. During a scene in which Joy, Sadness, and Bing Bong rush to catch the Train of Thought at the Imagination Land train station, sharp-eyed viewers might notice that one of the many items strewn over the area is a framed portrait of Figment, the star of Epcot’s “Journey into Imagination.”

The current voice of the mischievous purple dragon, Dave Goelz, also makes a cameo in the film as Subconscious Officer Frank, one of the guards stationed in front of the door to Riley’s subconscious. Best known as the puppeteer behind The Great Gonzo and other classic Muppet characters, Goelz has provided Figment’s voice since the most recent iteration of the Epcot attraction, “Journey into Imagination with Figment,” debuted in 2002. Imagine that!

Have you seen “Inside Out”? Share your favorite line from the film in the comments section!


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