Taking Prince Eric for Granite


Throughout Walt Disney World, guests will come across a wide variety of statues, which vary in size, style, and subject matter based on what type of story the area its located in is designed to tell. Given Disney’s close association with animation, it shouldn’t be surprising that the company’s iconic characters have inspired of many of these statues. However, one statue at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort holds the unusual distinction of being a statue of a cartoon statue. Standing near the main entrance of the resort’s “Little Mermaid” section is a real-life version of a statue of Price Eric that played an important role in the 1989 animated feature.

In “The Little Mermaid,” the statue was presented to the prince as a birthday present during a celebration at sea, but ends up sinking when a violent storm battered the ship, a fate that the actual Eric might have shared had Ariel not been around to rescue him. Later, thanks to Flounder, the statue briefly found a home in Ariel’s grotto of human stuff, much to the smitten mermaid’s delight. Unfortunately for Ariel, once her father, King Triton, discovered that his daughter not only disobeyed his rules about going to the surface but was also in love with a human, he destroyed Eric’s statue along with the rest of her collection as punishment. The version of the statue at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, however, remains in one piece and makes a great photo opportunity. That being said, I would keep one eye on the trident-wielding King Triton located nearby during your time checking it out, just in case.

Do you have a favorite statue to pose with at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort? Let me know in the comments section!

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