Donald’s Disney Side


Although the Magic Kingdom’s Hub plays hosts to a variety of parades and street parties over the course of a day, right now there is another type of parade circling the center of the park. Taking inspiration from the animated opening credits of the original Mickey Mouse Club television show, cutouts of marching Disney characters have been placed along construction walls currently in place for the last stages of the expansion of the park’s Central Plaza. Donald Duck, for example, can be seen carrying a gong similar to the one he would hit (typically with disastrous results) at the very end of beloved 1955 show’s opening sequence, although this one appears to be more travel-sized than the original.

While the end results is sure to be beautiful, walking down Main Street USA only to see construction in front of the iconic Cinderella Castle is likely not the most picturesque first impression of the Magic Kingdom. Not only does applying artwork to these walls help make them more attractive, as we explored at Downtown Disney in a previous blog post, but these particular walls also offer another opportunity to guests. The character cutouts featured on them were designed to be the perfect scale to pose for pictures alongside, and the message on Donald’s gong inviting guests to “Show Your Disney Side,” the name of a Disney Parks promotion inviting guests to share their Disney photos and video on social media, clarifies this purpose even further. Leave it to Disney to transform something that could prove a visual intrusion in one of its park’s most photographed locations and turn it into a photo opportunity in its own right.

Have you experienced any of the completed portions of Magic Kingdom’s expanded Hub yet? Let me know what you think of them in the comments section!


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