Back to School at Monsters University


With summer coming to a close, many students are focused (whether they like it or not) on going back to school. This seems like an appropriate time to look back at Disney/Pixar’s 2013 prequel “Monsters University,” which took a look back at Mike Wazowski and Sulley’s college days. This billboard promoting the film’s Blu-ray release was located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios across from “Soundstage One” next door to Pixar Place. While billboards such as this are commonplace at real Hollywood studios and thus in theme, it’s hard to argue that they present some of the most blatant advertising in a Disney theme park. However, just because they’re advertising doesn’t mean they can’t be fun, too.

While walking by, I couldn’t help but snicker when I noticed that from a certain angle one of the lights designed to illuminate the billboard after dark was obscuring my view of Mike Wazowski. I was instantly reminded of the “Monsters Inc.” visual gag that featured the M.I. company logo being superimposed over Mike during a commercial near the beginning of the film. However, Wazowski, overjoyed at the fact that he was on TV, was not fazed at all by the fact that he was barely visible during the appearance. The gag was reprised in the film’s finale, this time with a bar code placed over him on a magazine cover, and again in “Monster’s University,” in which he was almost completely cropped out of his own student I.D.

Of course, upon seeing this juxtaposition occurring in real life, I couldn’t resist. I just had to take a photo of it for posterity. I’m sure that if Mike Wazowski were to take a look at this picture, he would be absolutely ecstatic to see that he was on a billboard!

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