The Seagulls with Nemo and Friends


With summer coming to an end, many people are taking their last trip to the beach for the season. While there’s no beach at Epcot, “The Seas with Nemo and Friends” pavilion brings a little bit of the ocean environment to the park. Before guests can experience the attractions and animal exhibits located inside the pavilion, they first encounter a common sight for those visiting the seashore: noisy seagulls.

The pavilion’s entrance has always featured a rocky area featuring waves crashing over its sign. However, when the characters from “Finding Nemo” were incorporated into it back in 2006, the entrance received a few new residents as well in the form of a trio of the seagulls who appeared the popular Pixar film. The constant outbursts of the word “mine” from these animatronic birds not only draw Future World guests toward the attraction’s entrance, but often inspire guests to mimic their distinct squawks as well. During my own visits to “The Seas,” it’s not been uncommon to hear people echoing the gulls’ single word vocabulary even after entering the building.

You can thank Pixar filmmaker Andrew Stanton for this. In addition to being the director and screenwriter for “Finding Nemo,” Stanton also provided the often-imitated voice for the singularly focused birds that Marlin and Dory encounter in Sydney Harbor. However, compared to the real seagulls at Walt Disney World who occasionally steal food or poop on guests, these gulls’ slightly annoying catchphrase doesn’t seem so bad.


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