All Star Troublemakers


Disney’s All Star Sports Resort, the original Walt Disney World Value Resort, celebrates the many forms of athletic competition. Each section of the hotel’s ground features larger than life icons inspired by a different sport including football, baseball, surfing, basketball and tennis. With that many sports to keep track of, it’s no wonder that things can get a little confusing here and there.

“Center Court,” for example, is a pair of buildings themed to tennis. However, Huey Dewey, and Louie can be found in the middle of the court playing a game of baseball. Nearby, their Uncle Donald, racket in hand, is predictably angry to see his tennis court being misused while he is trying to play. Perhaps his nephews got lost on their way to the nearby baseball themed “Homerun Hotel” at the resort, or maybe their just trying to get their uncle’s goat. It wouldn’t be the first time for this mischievous trio.

Huey, Dewey, and Louie have been making Donald Duck’s life more difficult from the very beginning. Unlike most other Disney characters up to that time, though, these little troublemakers did not debut on the big screen. Instead, they first appeared in print as part of the “Donald Duck” comic strip drawn by Al Taliaferro. Along with the strip’s writer, Ted Osborne, Taliaferro introduced the characters in 1937, which led to an animated short inspired by these comics entitled “Donald’s Nephews” the next year. While it might have made Donald’s life easier if they had spent more time with their parents instead of constantly causing trouble for him, but it’s hard to imagine Duckburg without them.

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