The Mistress of All Evil


Halloween is fast approaching, and to many that means that ghosts, witches, and other frightening aspirations will soon be taking center stage. However, there’s another star of the night of October 31st that is far more sweet than spooky: candy! The holiday’s combination of tricks and treats make it a fun time for all ages, but there’s a place at Disney’s Hollywood Studios where you can experience a similar mixture all year long.

Located near the corner of Sunset and Hollywood Boulevards, “Sweet Spells” offers a wide variety of goodies in a venue themed to some of Disney’s most notorious baddies. Although there have been many memorable Disney Villains over the years, certainly Maleficent from “Sleeping Beauty” has left one of the biggest impressions of them all. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that “The Mistress of All Evil” herself would be among those represented here, including being featured as part of one of the store’s front window displays. While this statue of the wicked fairy and her raven Diablo may only stand a silent watch over the candy and pastries of “Sweet Spells,” one of Maleficent’s most memorable qualities is her voice.

The actress responsible for Maleficent’s imposing vocals was Elenore Audley, a veteran of stage, radio, and television. This role was not her first association with Walt Disney Productions, nor would it be her last. Previously, Audley had made her Disney debut playing another iconic Disney Villain: Cinderella’s stepmother, Lady Tremaine. Fans of Disney’s theme parks may also recognize her as the voice of Madame Leota on the beloved “Haunted Mansion” attraction. It is as Maleficent, though, that Audley gave arguably her meatiest Disney performance, running the gamut from chilling sophistication to explosive outbursts. Clearly the vocals of Eleanor Audley were an important ingredient in the creation of a deliciously evil Disney character.

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