Mickey and Minnie’s Frightening Fashions


Halloween is less than a week away, which means that time is running out to put costumes together. Fortunately for Mickey and Minnie, they’ve already got theirs ready. Displays such as this 2009 one at the “World of Disney” store, located in what is now Disney Springs, feature Disney’s iconic pair in matching purple and orange outfits perfect for the occasion. Although Mickey never made a theatrical short about Halloween, he certainly has certainly seen his fair share of frightful sights over the years.

In the 1995 release “Runaway Brain,” the use of horror movie convention acted as a jumping off point for one of Disney’s weirdest and wildest animated productions to date. In the film, Mickey needs to earn some money quick in order to take Minnie on a vacation he promised her, so he decides to answer an ad in the newspaper offering big bucks for “a mindless days work.” However, he gets more than he bargained for when this job involves a mad scientist switching the Mouse’s brain with that of a giant monster,

While much of the short’s humor comes from the contrast of seeing Mickey Mouse’s body being controlled by an out-of-control monster, this Academy Award-nominated film is also packs a wide variety of pop culture references into its brief running time. One that Disney fans are sure to get a kick out of is the name of the short’s mad scientist: Dr. Frankenollie. In addition to being a play on the iconic Mary Shelly creation “Dr. Victor Frankenstein,” the name also pays tribute Disney Legends Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston. As two of Walt Disney’s Nine Old Men, Frank and Ollie were responsible for animating many of Disney’s most classic scenes and characters during the studio’s Golden Age. So, if your looking for some monstrous fun with a few  clever nods to Disney history mixed in for good measure, “Runaway Brain” might just be the Disney Halloween treat for you.


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