Chef Mickey’s Epcot Cookout


This week marks the last week for the 2015 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. Earlier in the run of this year’s festival, we took at look at how one of Disney/Pixar’s characters left his mark on the popular event with the new Remy’s Ratatouille Hide and Squeak. However, Remy is not the only cartoon rodent taking center stage this year.

A topiary of Mickey Mouse cooking on a barbeque grill can be found standing at the entrance to Showcase Plaza. This area of Epcot is one of the busiest in the park during the Food and Wine Festival, containing approximately one third of International Marketplace booths. During the week I visited the festival this year, Showcase Plaza was also preparing to play host to something else as well.

Last month, episodes of the ABC television show “The Chew” were filmed at Epcot to promote the International Food and Wine Festival. As a result, the Mickey topiary, which would usually be place to give a view of World Showcase behind him, was turned the opposite direction. This allowed guests wishing to get a picture with Mickey would have a unique backdrop of him in front of Future World in their photos instead a view of the backside of a television production. In the end, no matter where he’s facing or what form he takes, Disney’s iconic mouse still draws a crowd.


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