The Unclaimed Baggage of Storybook Circus


While parking a stroller at the Walt Disney World Railroad’s Fantasyland Station, you might notice that strollers aren’t the only things being stored here. It would appear that a few circus performers have left their baggage at the train station when they came into town. This being Storybook Circus, some of the names on these trunks may be familiar to those who are fans of Disney Animation.

For example, the trunk on top in this picture belongs to The Big Bad Wolf, the villain of the 1933 Silly Symphony short “The Three Little Pigs.” In his pursuit of the pigs, the wolf famously used his powerful breath to huff and puff and blow their straw and stick houses down. Based in his trunk, though, it appears that The Big Bad Wolf may have turned over a new leaf. Instead of causing destruction, the self-professed “Balloonologist Extrodinare” is putting his lungs to good use by making balloon animals for circus visitors.

Below that trunk is another one belonging to Hyacinth Hippo, “the most exquisite aerial sensation of the big top.” While she may now apparently be an acrobat, Hyacinth is best known as the prima ballerina of Fantasia’s “Dance of the Hours” segment. Inspired by the musical composition by Amilcare Ponchielli, the segment was a farce on traditional ballet featuring a variety of anthropomorphic animals including ostriches, elephants, alligators, and, of course, hippos as an unlikely troop of dancers. No doubt Hyacinth will bring her own unique brand of poise and grace to working on the high wire as she did on the ground.

While easily overlooked, small details like the name on a trunk help contribute to the overall story of Storybook Circus. However, these two pieces of luggage aren’t the only ones at the train station that have yet to be claimed. So, next time you ride the rails to Fantasyland, take a look and see what other Disney characters have run away and joined the circus.


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