A Goofy Ghost Story in the Window of Magic Kingdom’s Emporium


With Christmas now less than a month away, special holiday decorations can now be found all over Walt Disney World. One holiday tradition on display in many department stores around the world is elaborate holiday window displays, and Magic Kingdom’s Emporium is no exception. While this Main Street USA establishment always features mechanized displays based on classic Disney stories, during the Christmas season the windows recount the tale of “Mickey’s Christmas Carol.”

Charles Dickens’ classic story A Christmas Carol has inspired countless film adaptations and re-imaginings, so its not surprising that Disney would consider producing an animated version. Inspired by a Disneyland Records album featuring Mickey Mouse and his friends acting out the beloved holiday tale, Disney Legend Burny Mattison decided the concept would work well on screen as well. The result was a half-hour length featurette that marked Mickey’s first big screen role since “The Simple Things” 30 years prior. Over the years, “Mickey’s Christmas Carol” has become a holiday classic, continuing to be introduced to new generations through home video and television airings such as being part of this year’s “25 Days of Christmas” lineup on ABC Family.

Among the scenes depicted in the Emporium’s windows is the scene in which the ghost of Jacob Marley appears to give a warning to his former business partner Scrooge. The vignette shows the two different approaches to casting that the creators of “Mickey’s Christmas Carol” took when it came to casting which characters should play which parts. Scrooge McDuck, for example, is perfectly typecast as his namesake, the greedy Ebenezer Scrooge. The opposite approach was taken with Marley’s ghost, with the frightening apparition given a more comedic twist by putting Goofy in the role. Although the casting may be a bit non-traditional, the end result was a hilarious scene in the film and a charming window display for Main Street USA.

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