Chowing Down with Chip ‘N’ Dale


Located in Future World West, “The Land” is among the most popular pavilions at Epcot. A large part of its current popularity can be attributed to the fact that it the home of “Soarin,” which is currently closed for a major refurbishment that will result in a new ride film called “Soarin’ Around the World.” However, just because its star attraction is temporarily closed doesn’t mean that not still plenty to see there.

Located on the pavilion’s second floor is “The Garden Grill Restaurant,” which features a couple of friendly faces greeting you from on top of the menu board at the venue’s entrance. The sign advertises “Chip ‘N’ Dale’s Harvest Feast,” a character meal hosted by Disney’s mischievous chipmunk duo. Recently, this offering expanded from only being available during dinner to being available for all three meals, giving guests more chance to dine with Chip, Dale, Pluto, and Mickey Mouse.

Although Chip ‘N’ Dale may be more associated with Donald Duck or TV’s Rescue Rangers, Pluto and Mickey have also played an important roles in the history of the characters. In fact, the first film to feature Chip ‘N’ Dale was the 1943 short “Private Pluto.” In this World War II-era production, Pluto discover the cannon he is assigned to guard being used by chipmunks to crack their acorns, much to the dog’s displeasure. Later both Mickey and Pluto would appear alongside the high-pitched duo in their second appearance, 1946’s “Squatter’s Rights,” and 1952’s “Pluto’s Christmas Tree,” which has become a Holiday classic for many Disney fans.

In addition to being a character meal, “The Garden Grill Restaurant” also features seating with views of the “Living with the Land” boat ride below. This also means its possible for those on the attraction to look up into the restaurant during some portions of the attraction. While far from guaranteed, don’t be too surprised during the early portions of the ride if you look up to catch a quick glimpse of a familiar chipmunk or two as you pass.


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