Monsters Inc. Open House to Close at Disney’s Hollywood Studios


Throughout time, children across the world have been afraid of the monsters that lurk in the shadows of their closets and beneath their beds. However, Pixar’s 2001 release “Monsters Inc.” flipped this idea on its head by showing that monsters are as scared of kids as kids are of monsters. In the film, the city of Monstropolis is powered by the screams of human children, whom its citizens believe to be lethally toxic to any monster who comes into direct contact with them. That is certainly no longer the case, as anyone who ever visited Mike and Sulley at Disney’s Hollywood Studios can attest.

Located between “Watto’s Grotto” (formerly the “AFI Showcase”) and “The Prop Shop,” a corner the Streets of America Backlot was dressed to look part of the “Monster Inc.” factory. Signs at the entrance proclaimed that the company is holding an open house, granting human guests the opportunity to meet some of their illustrious employees. Throughout the queue, details such as workplace bulletin boards featuring everything from reminders about safety procedures to notices about bowling league try-outs help guests feel like they’ve been transported to Monstrolopis . One poster even advertised the Monsters Inc. company play: “Put That Thing Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me,” the Mike Wazowski production that appears at the end of the “bloopers” shown during the film’s credits.

For those arriving to the front of the line, it’s been  clear that Mike and Sulley’s reaction to human children has changed immensely since their first encounter with Boo. No longer afraid of human contact, these monsters have been seen hugging, giving high fives, posing for pictures, or generally playing around with visiting kids and adults alike. Despite their scary appearance, they’re really just a couple of nice friendly guys underneath.

Unfortunately, the amount of time Disney’s Hollywood Studios guests have to meet these characters is running out. In order to accommodate the construction of new lands based on “Star Wars” and “Toy Story,” this meet and greet location with be permanently discontinued on April 2nd, 2016 along with most of the surrounding Streets of America Backlot. As a result, it looks like this Open House at Monsters Inc. will soon be coming to a close.

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