Pluto’s Easter Egg-stravaganza

As spring begins, many children are looking forward to searching for Easter Eggs. Similarly, many Walt Disney World fans enjoy looking for Hidden Mickeys and other hidden Disney characters, turning what was once an inside joke into a popular park pastime. With Epcot’s “Disney EGG-stravaganza,” both of these activities are combined into one unique egg hunt.

As part of this springtime offering, twelve over-sized eggs decorated with the faces of Disney characters are hidden in each of the World Showcase pavilions. The one above representing Pluto, for example, can be found in the Morocco pavilion. Some of these eggs can be spotted relatively quickly while others are hidden in out of the way places that might not even be noticed otherwise.

To add another dimension to this egg hunt, guests can purchase a special “Disney EGG-stravaganza” map at one of several Epcot gift shops. Featuring twelve stickers corresponding to the twelve character-inspired eggs, players are instructed to place the corresponding character onto the map over the country in which that egg is hidden. After the guests are finished with their hunt (whether they’ve found all the eggs or not), the can go to the “Port of Entry” shop in Showcase Plaza to redeem one of six Disney-themed toy eggs as a prize.

With their various detailed nooks and crannies, the World Showcase pavilions were made to be explored. With the seasonal addition of Disney’s version of an Easter Egg hunt taking part in the area, that just adds another layer of fun to that experience. So, if you find yourself in Epcot through the end of March, be sure to keep an eye out because you never know where the Easter Bunny (or, in this case, the Easter Mouse) may have hidden his eggs.

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