Lightning, Motors, Action!


The long-awaited transformation of Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be taking a major step forward on April 2nd with the closing of the majority of Streets of America Backlot. Among the venues confirmed to be removed is ‘Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show,” which gives guests a behind-the-scenes look at how big screen car chases and other automotive-based stunts are created. Although, by its very nature, the show focuses on live action filmmaking, that doesn’t mean animated cars have been completely left out of the presentation.

“Lights, Motors, Action!” made its debut in May 2005 in a large amphitheater built on the site of “Residential Street,” a collection of houses from film and television shows including “The Golden Girls.” Inspired by a similar stunt show at Disneyland Paris’ Walt Disney Studios theme park, the show’s story of centers on a red “hero” car that his being pursued by several villainous black vehicles through a Mediterranean village. However, when an updated version was introduced in 2011, yet another heroic red car joined the attraction’s cast.

Given spy storyline and European locals featured in Disney·Pixar’s “Cars 2,” the film’s release gave a perfect opportunity to introduce Lightning McQueen and friends into “Lights, Motors, Action!” About mid-way through the show, Mater appears on the stage’s giant video screen, interrupting a montage of clips from the “Cars” movies. Lightning McQueen himself then appears in the theater and is warned via Mater’s video feed that an enemy spy car armed with a secret weapon is believed to be in the area. Despite being skeptical of his friend’s story at first, McQueen finally spots the enemy spy and gives chase. The segment ends with our hero outsmarting his foes, leading to an explosive finale.

With the stunt show’s closure on April 2nd, as well as the discontinuation of the Streets of America’s Lightning McQueen and Mater meet and greet location earlier this year, it would appear that the “Cars” franchise is disappearing from Disney’s Hollywood Studios. However, if rumors are true, this may only be a bump in the road for Lightning McQueen and company. According to internet gossip, one or more attractions based on this Pixar film series may be on the drawing board for a later phase of the park’s massive makeover after Star Wars and Toy Story lands are completed. For now, however, it looks like Lightning and Mater will be hitting the road for a while after “Lights, Motors, Action!” takes it final bow.

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