Ready for Adventure with Morty and Ferdie


This week, Disney’s Animal Kingdom celebrates its celebrates both Earth Day and the park’s 18th anniversary. Among those ready to take part in the adventures that lie around every corner of Walt Disney World’s youngest theme park are Mickey Mouse’s nephews, Morty and Ferdie. The two can be seen clad in safari gear as part of a window display at the Island Mercantile store on Discovery Island.

While not as well known as Donald’s nephews, Morty and Ferdie have been mainstays of Disney Comics since 1932. While the vast majority of their careers have been spent in print, the duo has made an extremely small number of appearances in animation over the years. The first of these rare occasions was the 1934 short, “Mickey’s Steamroller.”

In this film, the pair is depicted as infants being pushed around in a stroller by Minnie, who brings them to visit their uncle Mickey as he drives his steamroller. While Mickey and Minnie are distracted, Morty and Ferdie take the titular vehicle joy a joyride. Eventually Mickey this notices and tries to stop them, nearly getting run over in the process. The short ends with the youngsters crashing the steamroller into a building.

Given their history with construction equipment, hopefully Mickey’s nephews have gotten a bit more responsible since 1934. With so many construction projects going on at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, including the massive “Pandora- The World of AVATAR” expansion located right around the corner from this “Island Mercantile” window, there are lots of opportunities for the two to get into trouble at the park. Whatever Morty and Ferdie choose to do, it’s sure to be an adventure.

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