The Golden Camels of Aladdin


Ever since “Aladdin” first hit the big screen, fans of the film have imagined what flying on a magic carpet would be like. In 2001, a new Adventureland attraction offered Magic Kingdom guests a taste of the soaring, tumbling, and freewheeling experienced by Aladdin and Princess Jasmine. While a variation on the classic “Dumbo” spinner ride, “The Magic Carpet of Aladdin” offers a few new twists on the familiar experience.

In the song “Prince Ali,” the lyrics describe the disguised Aladdin as owning 75 golden camels as part of his vast wealth. Today, two of those camels can be seen decorating the area around “The Magic Carpets of Aladdin.” What the song failed to mention is that these camels spit (although Genie did mention that fact about camels in general earlier in the film). One of the statues is positioned to spit on those riding the attraction while the other faces out into the main pathway of Adventureland.

Although these camels have spent the last 15 years at Magic Kingdom, they actually made their Walt Disney World debut at a different theme park. To celebrate the 1992 release of ‘Aladdin,” Disney-MGM Studios (now known as Disney’s Hollywood Studios) debuted “Aladdin’s Royal Caravan,” a wacky daily parade inspired by the procession that marked Prince Ali’s arrival to Agrabah. While the parade was filled with inventive sight gags and characters from the blockbuster film, the pair of golden camels that spit on the spectators lined up along Hollywood Boulevard turned out to be quite the crowd pleaser.

After the parade run ended in 1995, the camels spent a few years standing guard at the entrance of Animation Courtyard’s “Soundstage Restaurant” (now the home of “Disney Junior- Live On Stage!”) before moving to their current home in Adventureland, Today, the spitting duo continue to elicit laughs and shrieks from Magic Kingdom guest over 20 years after they first traveled down Hollywood Boulevard. Despite their current stationary state, these two parade float decorations have covered a lot of ground, both literally and figuratively, at the Walt Disney World Resort,

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