Nick and Judy Move It and Shake It at Magic Kingdom


Since its release in March, Disney’s “Zootopia” has obviously struck a chord with moviegoers all around the world. As of this past weekend, the film has earned $1 Billion at the worldwide box office, becoming the second highest grossing movie based on an original concept (i.e. not a sequel, remake, reboot, or adaption) of all time, only behind James Cameron’s “AVATAR.” Given this amazing achievement, there is certainly reason for those responsible for creating Disney’s latest blockbuster to celebrate.

Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps, the stars of “Zootopia,” are certainly in the mood to “party up” as well. Since April, the pair has been appearing in Magic Kingdom’s “Move It! Shake It! Dance and Play It! Street Party,” the combination parade and dance party that takes place several times daily in the park’s Hub. To celebrate their introduction Shakira’s “Try Everything” from the “Zootopia” soundtrack was even added as one of the three song choices that the crowd can vote to heat during the “Play It” portion of this entertainment offering.

Although not a traditional musical like many Disney classics before it, music still play an important role in telling the story of “Zootopia.” Gazelle, the pop star played by Shakira, acts as a spokesperson for the city of Zootopia, and her song, “Try Everything,” makes the perfect soundtrack as Judy Hopps sets out to pursue her dreams of becoming the city’s first rabbit police officer. While Gazelle may only sing one song in the film, she’s far from a one-hit wonder.

In one scene near the beginning of “Zootopia,” Judy can be seen briefly flipping through the playlists in her mp3 player. In addition to “Try Everything,” the playlist for Gazelle contains several titles that might sound a little familiar to Disney fans including “Part of Your Wool,” “Ara-Bunny Nights,” and “Let It Goat.” With this level of detail packed into every frame of “Zootopia,” it’s no wonder why audiences across the globe have been returning for another look again and again.


  1. […] This statue of Judy Hopps could be found in The Marketplace section of Disney Springs between “The LEGO Store” and “T-Rex Cafe” during the theatrical run of “Zootopia.” The display also included a statue of her co-star Nick Wilde and a sign advertising seeing their film at the nearby “Disney Springs AMC 24.” During its brief time in The Marketplace, this spot became a popular photo opportunity with fans of all ages. While Judy won’t be posing for pictures at Disney Springs again this Easter, Walt Disney World guests can always try to snap a selfie with the “sly bunny” during Magic Kingdom’s “Move It! Shake It! Dance and Play It! Street Party.” […]


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