Tea Time at Cheshire Café


The “Mad Tea Party” has been a favorite of Magic Kingdom guests (or at least those guests not prone to motion sickness) since the park opened in 1971. However, in spite of its name, there is actually no tea anywhere to be found at this party, just plenty of oversized teacups spinning. For those looking to get something to drink, there is another option not far away.

Located directly across from classic Fantasyland attraction, “Cheshire Café” continues the area’s “Alice in Wonderland” theme. Although its food options are limited to a small number of breakfast and snack items, the café does feature a wider variety of beverages. No doubt it would please The Mad Hatter to know that hot tea can be found on the menu while those who would rather enjoy something a little cooler on a hot Florida day may be more inclined to try the lemonade or slushies.

The small eatery takes its name from Wonderland’s resident Cheshire Cat, whose image can be seen smiling down on visitors from the overhead signage. As seen in the film, the purple feline equally delighted in helping Alice find her way when she would get lost and causing her even more trouble, sometimes simultaneously. Additionally, he also displays an interest in reciting poetry, or at least one poem in particular.

When the Cheshire Cat first appears and disappears in “Alice in Wonderland,” he can be heard singing the song “’Twas Brilig.” The lyrics actually quote the beginning of author Lewis Carroll’s “Jabberwocky” poem, originally published as part of his second “Alice” book, Through the Looking-Glass. While the words may only be nonsense both in and outside of its original context, they are quite appropriate traveling music for a place as nonsensical as Wonderland.



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