To The LEGO Store and Beyond!


While there are obviously countless places to buy LEGO bricks and playsets around the world, “The LEGO Store” at Disney Springs is worth a visit for LEGO and Disney fans alike for both its wide selection and its displays of Disney-inspired statues built out of the popular building toy. While the LEGO representations of Snow White, Maleficent, and The Incredible Hulk are certainly impressive, who better to welcome you into this toy store than a toy? Standing watch at the shop’s recently completed back entrance facing the new Town Center is a pair of human-sized LEGO sculptures depicting Buzz Lightyear and Woody from Pixar’s “Toy Story” films.

Perfect for photo opportunities, these statues are a popular place for guests to pose alongside two of their favorite Pixar heroes. “The LEGO Store” is not alone in thinking that the “Toy Story” stars make a great welcoming committee. An identical set of Woody and Buzz LEGO sculptures can be found in the lobby of “The Steve Jobs Building,” the main building of Pixar’s studio campus in Emeryville, California.

Its no surprise to Pixar fans that there are a lot of toy fans at the animation studio, and that, of course, includes fans of LEGOs. However, despite the original three “Toy Story” films featuring a number of preexisting toys like Mr. Potato Head and Barbie, there were not a single LEGO to be found in any of them. It wasn’t until the introduction of LEGO Bunny, a minor character in the 2013 ABC Halloween Special “Toy Story of Terror,” that the beloved building blocks left their mark on the “Toy Story” Universe.

The TV special’s director, Angus MacLane, played a major role in creating LEGO Bunny. An avid LEGO Builder himself, MacLane actually constructed a real version of the character out of actual LEGO bricks before having Pixar’s artists and technicians build the character in the computer in order to make it as true to the iconic toy’s look as possible. Even when their work includes playing with toys, the filmmakers at Pixar really sweat the details to make their films great.


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