Donald’s Wet Paint


While many like to view Walt Disney World as a magical kingdom of dreams and imagination, it is also a very real place that requires real world maintenance. Signs such as this one in Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland warning guests to avoid nearby wet paint may serve a practical purpose, but its classic design soften the intrusion to the area’s theming by adding a distinctly Disney touch. The humorous graphics depicting one of Donald Duck’s nephews being literally caught red handed by his uncle after blatantly ignoring the warning clearly illustrates the consequences in a way that is also charming to the viewer.

Although the appearance of “Wet Paint” signs is usually just part of routine maintenance, sometimes they signal a larger change in happening. While the ongoing painting project around Tomorrowland seems to hint at more attention being paid to that area of the Magic Kingdom on Disney’s part for some reason, the changes I want to talk about are some upcoming changes to this blog. Longtime readers may have noticed the lack of new posts here the last few weeks, but during my summer break from the site I’ve been giving some serious thought to its future.

Over the last year or so, Ink and Paint in the Parks has evolved from a photo blog into more of a Disney history blog. While I have been proud of the results, I have come to the conclusion that I would rather see myself as more of a photographer who enjoys history than a historian who takes photographs. As a result, I have decided to transition back to the site’s original intent of being a photo blog showcasing the various ways Disney’s animated creation are depicted throughout Walt Disney World.

There will still be text giving some context to the images I post, but not necessarily full-sized articles every week. Not every photo or subject matter requires 4+ paragraphs of explanation, and there are a lot of pictures that I’ve wanted to post but decided not to just because I couldn’t come up with enough to write about it to fill that amount. In the future, how much I write will be dictated by how much I feel needs to be said. One upside to this is that with less time spent writing I will be able to posts more of my Walt Disney World pictures both here and on my new Instagram account, so stay “tooned” for more on the way from Ink and Paint in the Parks!

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