The Search for the Sorcerer’s Apprentice


While Mickey Mouse appeared in over 100 films during the Golden Age of Hollywood alone, his portrayal of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice in “Fantasia” is considered by many Disney enthusiasts to be his greatest role. During the film, Mickey borrows the magical hat of his master, the sorcerer Yensid, without permission in order to speed up his chore of carrying water, but this plan backfires on him when he is unable to control the spell he casts. Despite these early difficulties, Sorcerer Mickey has become symbolic of the magic of Disney in the years that have followed. For the past year or so, however, finding the location to meet him at Disney’s Hollywood Studios has felt a bit like hitting a moving target.

For several years, “The Magic of Disney Animation” was the home of the park’s meet and greet with Sorcerer Mickey, but its closure in Summer 2015 to make way for “Star Wars Launch Bay” meant the iconic character had to find a new home. For a brief time after that attraction was shut down, he began meeting guests in the queue of the discontinued “Backstage Studio Tour,” which is where this photo was taken. The move didn’t last long, though, as only a few short months later he was moved to an air-conditioned location that had formerly been the site of “The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow” between “One Man’s Dream” and “Toy Story Midway Mania.” Now, with the Summer 2016 opening of “Mickey and Minnie Staring in Red Carpet Dreams,” a new and more permanent meet-and-greet location for Disney’s leading couple on Commissary Lane, it appears that the Sorcerer’s Apprentice finally has a proper place to hang Yensid’s hat once again.


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