Turning the Tables on Pixar’s Luxo Ball


Pixar’s Animation Studios is well known for the inside jokes and “Easter eggs” it hides within its movies, and their longest-running hidden reference is the “Luxo Ball.” Also known as the “Pixar Ball,” this colorful toy was first seen being hopped on by the title lamp of the studio’s first short film, “1986’s “Luxo Jr,” and has gone on to appear in some form during most of Pixar’s feature films. This tradition began during the production of their second short, “Red’s Dream,” when the appearance of the circus ring Red the Unicycle dreams about performing in mimics the design of Luxo Jr.’s yellow ball. However, Pixar isn’t the only branch of The Walt Disney Company that likes to hide nods to their past within their projects.

From Hidden Mickeys to the windows on Main Street USA, Walt Disney World is also filled with its fair share of subtle references, and, on a few occasions, they’ve even borrowed some of Pixar’s. At Magic Kingdom’s Storybook Circus, there is a seating area outside “Pete’s Silly Side Show” with several round yellow tables decorated with central red star and surrounded by a blue stripe.” Pixar fans may notice this design bares a striking resemblance to the “Luxo Ball,” particularly how it was represented as the center ring in the circus-themed “Red’s Dream.” While this detail may go unnoticed by many as it blends in well with the aesthetics of Storybook Circus, these “Luxo Ball” inspired tables serve as a clever tribute to one of Pixar’s favorite “Easter eggs” hidden in plain sight.

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