Beauty and the Beast’s Tren-D Concept Art


While the main draw at “Tren-D” may be its stylish women’s fashions, this Disney Springs store’s uniquely funky take on Disney decoration is worth a look for any fan of the Mouse. The experience begins before even entering the store thanks to the boutique’s window displays, which lately have been themed to “Beauty and the Beast.” One of these windows includes an oversized book containing sketches of Lumiere and Cogsworth with French writing overlaid on them. While Lumiere appears much like he did in the film, Cogsworth’s appearance is noticeably different, and there’s a reason for that.

Early in the production of each film, Disney’s artists create a wide variety of inspirational artwork, some of which serve to experiment with different designs for the characters before choosing the one we seen on screen. “Beauty and the Beast” was no exception, and the Cogsworth art in this display was based one of these early designs, which has previously been seen as part of an art galley on the film’s original DVD release and an article on’s “Oh My Disney” blog. In addition to serving as literal window dressing, the concept artwork displayed at “Tren-D” also gives a glimpse at the evolution of one of the stars of the “tale as old as time,”


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