Cinderella Welcomes Elena of Avalor to Magic Kingdom


The Disney Princesses are one of the most popular groups of Disney characters, but it’s pretty rare to see princesses from different source material having a direct interaction with one anther, even in theme park shows where they share the same stage. However, Cinderella is currently getting the rare opportunity to mingle with visiting royalty in the shadow of her famous castle to celebrate the recent debut of Disney Channel’s newest series. A spin-off of sorts to Disney Junior’s “Sofia the First,” “Elena of Avalor” follows the adventures of Elena, the teenage Crown Princess of Avalor, as she learns how to rule her enchanted kingdom, and is notable for featuring the first Disney Princess inspired by the cultures of Latin America.

Presented for a limited time at the Castle Forecourt Stage, the “Princess Elena Royal Welcome” finds Elena on a royal visit to the Magic Kingdom where she is graciously greeted by Cinderella and her Prince Charming. In return for this hospitality, the Avalorian princess treats her hosts, as well as the assembled crowd, to a performance of her anthem, “My Time.” While the brief ceremony could be seen as nothing more than an advertisement for a TV show, there’s something satisfying about seeing one of Walt’s princesses welcoming a new generation of princess, especially such a historic one, into Disney’s royal family.

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