Epcot Presents Food and Wine and Mickey


While today marks the first official day of fall, many of Walt Disney World’s traditional autumn events are already well underway including the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. Although eating and drinking may be the focus of the festival, its up to the special display at the park’s entrance to set the scene for what lies ahead. Like many things throughout Disney, this year it all starts with a mouse, specifically Chef Mickey standing at the center of an international scene as Minnie Mouse rides in a hot air balloon in the background.

Mickey Mouse’s history as a chef began with the 1929 short film “The Karnival Kid,” in which he worked at a cart selling hot dogs. In fact, Mickey’s cry of “hot dogs” to attract customers to his cart was the first line of dialogue uttered by the mouse in any of his cartoons. Judging by the snappy chef’s outfit Mickey now wears in this Epcot display, his culinary skills have branched out a bit since his days as a hot dog seller, but every good chef needs to start somewhere.


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