Radiator Springs: A Happy Place


As seen in Disney•Pixar’s “Cars” films, Radiator Springs is a happy place with friendly residents ready to help out anyone driving through town. That is, unless you’re a speeder, something Lightning McQueen learned the hard way when he got arrested the first time he stumbled upon that section of Route 66. Keep that in mind as you enter the “Cars” section of Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, where Sheriff sits under a billboard making sure nobody else comes hot rodding into his town.

Recreating various locations found in Radiator Springs, the “Cars” section of the resort is filled with details straight out of scenes from the 2006 Pixar film. A great example is the billboard Sheriff is sitting under, which reads “Radiator Springs: A Happy Place.” The artwork was originally seen as a mural that ironically appeared behind Lightning McQueen as Doc Hudson was explaining the rookie racecar’s sentence of repaving the town’s main street. With this level of attention to detail throughout, Disney’s Art of Animation Resort may be the coolest hotel experience for “Cars” fans short of spending the night in the “Cozy Cone Motel” itself.

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