Look Out For Cruella de Vil!


When it comes to Disney Villains, few have been as memorable as the outrageous Cruella de Vil. With an entire section of Disney’s All Star Movies Resort dedicated to 1961’s “101 Dalmatians,” it would be unthinkable of the film’s fur-loving antagonist didn’t make an appearance somewhere. To find her, however, you’ll have to look up. Decorating the roofline on some of the area’s buildings is none other than Cruella’s iconic car, complete with its owner’s silhouette visible through the window.

The puppies running along the railing of the floor bellow Cruella appear surprisingly happy considering their proximity to a notorious dognapper. Perhaps the idea of sneaking around right under her nose of the “old mad lady” amuses them, or maybe they’re just blissfully unaware of her doggone bad intentions. Although her presence at All Star Movies may not be as predominant as some of her canine co-stars, the largest of which tower over 40 feet tall, Cruella de Vil still looms over the resort nevertheless.


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