B. B.Wolf’s Big Bad Weather Vane


During the transformation of Downtown Disney into Disney Springs, several celebrity chefs including Art Smith and Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto have opened up shop in the neighborhood. However, the most surprising new chef to move in would have to be The Big Bad Wolf from the 1933 “Silly Symphony” short “The Three Little Pigs.” Located in a small kiosk adjacent to the Marketplace Causeway, “B. B. Wolf’s Sausage Co.” serves up dishes sure to make the pork-loving villain’s mouth water.

While the thought of The Big Bad Wolf running a sausage restaurant may seem a little morbid to some Disney fans, especially with menu items such as the “3 Little Pigs Sampler,” it’s clearly done with a sense of fun. A particularly nice detail is the weather vane on top depicting the venue’s huffing and puffing namesake. Who better to tell you which way the wind is blowing than someone who has been responsible for the creation of some pretty powerful gusts himself? After many fruitless decades of attempts to get his hands on pigs, his new career selling sausage seems to indicate that the winds of change have finally blown in B. B. Wolf’s favor.


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