Samson Wins at Saratoga Springs


Inspired by New York’s city of Saratoga Springs, Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort pays tribute to famous elements of its real life counterpoint in a number of ways. Most notably, references to its history of horseracing can be found all over the resort, including the naming of the “Win, Place or Show Arcade.” The horse on the arcade’s sign isn’t just any horse, though. In fact, he is a protégée to Disney royalty.

Samson was the faithful steed of Prince Phillip in Walt Disney 1959 classic “Sleeping Beauty.” Whether discovering the source of mysteriously beautiful singing or escaping Maleficent’s Castle to save Princess Aurora, Samson was always there to give Phillip a ride (even if it did take the promise of some extra oats and carrots to convince him to do so in the first example’s case). While he may not really be a winning racehorse like he’s depicted to be at Saratoga Springs, Samson is certainly a horse worthy of recognition.


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