The Golden Age Disney Posters of Adrian & Edith’s


Given the area’s Golden Age of Hollywood theme, it only makes sense to see a few vintage movie posters decorating the Disney’s Hollywood Studios version of Hollywood Boulevard. If one looks up un “Adrian & Edith’s Head to Toe,” for example, quite a number of posters for early Disney shorts and feature films can be found adorning the upper levels of the store. Two such posters not only share a corner but also a common theme of taking viewers behind scenes of Disney Animation.

Released in 1941, “The Reluctant Dragon” follows humorist Robert Benchley as he wanders around the recently-completed Disney studio lot in Burbank on a quest to pitch the Kenneth Grahame story the film takes its name from to Walt Disney himself. “Saludos Amigos” similarly includes live action scenes of Walt and his artists at work, this time using footage of the studio’s 1941 Goodwill Tour of South America to frame several animated shorts inspired by the places they visited during the trip. While the animation created for these films are clearly the main attraction, both of these 1940’s feature films give a fascinating (if clearly staged) behind the scenes glimpse of Disney Animation during its own Golden Age.


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