The 25th Anniversary of a Tale As Old As Time


Since its debut 25 years ago, “Beauty and the Beast” has remained one of the most acclaimed and beloved Disney movies. Due to this popularity, it has been represented at Walt Disney World in a variety of ways from lives shows to elaborately themed restaurants. In recent years, topiaries of Belle and the Beast have even been placed in the heart of Epcot’s France Pavilion’s main plaza as part of the park’s International Flower and Garden Festival. Given that it was a single rose that set their story into motion, recreating the title couple in a botanical medium feels quite fitting.

While what we now known as the “Disney Renaissance” began two years earlier with “The Little Mermaid,” the critical praise and box office success that met the 1991 release of “Beauty and the Beast” proved that this generation of Disney animation would neither be a one hit wonder nor one that rested on it laurels. The film even made history as the first animated nominee for a “Best Picture” Academy Award as well as the first animated feature to win a Golden Globe for “Best Picture- Musical or Comedy.” Now, a quarter century later, a live action remake will soon be making its way to theaters, and, while it has a lot to live up to, the massive interest in the film so far shows that there’s still a lot of love for the “tale as old as time.”

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