That’s All Folks for the Acme Warehouse


While “ACME” is a name more associated with Warner Bros. Cartoons than Disney, nevertheless anvils featuring Wile E. Coyote’s brand of choice engraved on them could be found precariously hanging from the ceiling of Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ “Prop Shop.” These anvils, along with may other looney props scattered about, were actually remnants of an even earlier version of the store inspired by the Acme Warehouse from the live action/ animated blockbuster “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.” Located between the exit of the “Studio Backlot Tour” and the “Honey I Shrunk the Kinds Movie Set Adventure,” “The Looney Bin” not only featured merchandise but was also home to several photo opportunities and interactive touches inspired by the movie’s toon stars.

The Acme Warehouse itself played an important role in the 1988 film as the location where its owner, Marvin Acme, was murdered, leading to the titular framing of Roger Rabbit. Additionally, the warehouse also served as the site of the film’s climax, where Detective Eddie Valiant had to stop Judge Doom from using his Dip to destroy Toontown. Although the Disney’s Hollywood Studios version had shrunk in size over the years in its transformation from “The Looney Bin” to its final form as the “Prop Shop,” many of the “Roger Rabbit” props such as these anvils remained overhead until the entire Streets of America Backlot was demolished earlier in 2016 to make way for the park’s upcoming “Star Wars” land.

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