A Tree is a Wish Your Heart Makes on Christmas Tree Trail


With less than a week left until Christmas Day, no doubt many will be partaking in some last-minute shopping over the next few days, and one place sure to be busy will be Walt Disney’s own shopping and entertainment destination, Disney Springs. However, Christmas shopping can be a pretty hectic experience, especially when the big day is fast approaching, so fortunately Disney Springs has set up a few festive distractions to enjoy between dashing form store to store. One such option is to take a stroll down “Christmas Tree Trail.” Located in the former Marketplace bus loop, this display features over a dozen specially decorated Christmas trees inspired by beloved Disney films and characters including ‘Beauty and the Beast,” “Alice in Wonderland,” “Frozen,” “The Jungle Book,” and “Cinderella.”

While the wintery look of the “Cinderella” Christmas tree is lovely from a distance, only upon closer inspection does one notice the many fun and clever details covering it. Among these are glass ornaments that bring to mind Cinderella’s glass slipper, tiny pumpkin coaches, and elegant clocks set to the future princess’ infamous midnight curfew. Little touches like those can be found on all of the trees along the trail. While the trees of Christmas Tree Trail” might not be as grandiose as other at Walt Disney World, those willing to take a closer look at them will clearly notice the love for both Christmas and these classic Disney characters that went into this charming display.

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