Star Wars Rebels Infiltrates the Launch Bay


The latest entry in the “Star Wars” saga, “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” shines a light on the pre-Luke Skywalker era of the Rebel Alliance for the first time on the big screen, but Disney XD viewers have been following the Rebellion’s early days for years on the small screen thanks to Lucasfilm Animation’s “Star Wars Rebels.” Given the popularity of the show, now in its third season, its not surprising that references to it can be found in some of the recent “Star Wars” additions to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. For example, concept art of the show, including the piece above showcasing Ezra, Kanan, Chopper, and the rest of the main heroes of “Star Wars Rebels” in action, can be seen on display in the queue for the “Star Wars Launch Bay Theater.” “Rebels” Executive Produces Dave Filoni also appears on film inside the theater along with other members of the Lucasfilm creative team discussing their various contributions to the “Star Wars” Universe and what it means to them.

In addition to characters from “Star Wars Rebels” being featured inside Disney’s theme parks, a fan-favorite character from Disney’s very first “Star Wars” attraction has conversely made the leap into “Rebels.” During the season one episode “Droids in Distress,” the main cast travel aboard a passenger shuttle piloted by an RX-24 droid, which is the same model as Rex, the hapless rookie pilot from the original version of “Star Tours.” The animated version of RX-24 certainly proved himself to be more in control during his flight than his less experienced animatronic counterpart, but one thing they do have in common is their voice, supplied by Pee-wee Herman actor Paul Reubend. Although C-3PO may have taken over piloting duties of “Star Tours” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios since its “The Adventures Continue” version debuted in 2011, RX-24’s appearance on “Star Wars Rebels” stands as a tribute to Disney and Lucasfilms’s first major collaboration.



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