Mickey Mouse’s Adventures in Pop Art


From Hidden Mickeys to more overt decoration, there are plenty of representations of the mouse that started it all scattered around Disney’s Contemporary Resort. One such example is a square neon display featuring four identical images of Mickey Mouse, which is located outside The Grand Canyon Concourse’s “Bayview Gifts.” While some hotel guests just see this as a fun depiction of Disney’s biggest star, those familiar with the work of influential pop artist Andy Warhol may recognize the design as that of his 1981 piece “Quadrant Mickey Mouse.”

Famous for his appropriation of iconic symbols from popular culture ranging from Campbell’s Soup Can to Marilyn Monroe into his works, Warhol turned his attention to Mickey as part of his “Myths” collection. Mickey Mouse’s status as one of the 20th Century’s most instantly recognizable icons certainly fit in with his artistic interests, but it was not the only reason Andy Warhol was inspired to incorporate Mickey into his work. The artist was apparently also quite a fan, once remarking: “Mickey Mouse is my favorite actor! Minnie Mouse is my favorite actress! My very own personal hero is Walt Disney!” As 2017 begins, over 88 year since he first appeared on movie screens, it’s safe to say that Mickey has certainly gotten a lot more than “15 minutes of fame,” much to the delight of generations of Disney fans.

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