Chip ‘N’ Dale’s Pint-Sized Partners Statue


The “Partners” statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse rightfully gets a lot of attention from Magic Kingdom guests, but it’s not the only statue depicting an iconic Disney partnership in the park’s central Hub. Nearby, a statue of Chip ‘N’ Dale shown shaking can also be seen adjacent to the Hub’s west fountain. When Walt Disney World’s version of “Partners” was installed in 1996, the chipmunks were originally one of a series of eight smaller statues representing classic Disney characters created during Walt’s lifetime that surrounded “Partners” in the Hub’s inner ring. However, when the center plaza was expanded in 2015, these statues were moved to new locations, with four of them placed around the each of new area’s two fountains.

Later this year, Chip ‘N’ Dale will celebrate an interesting milestone in the career: the 70th anniversary of when they relieved their names, which are a pun on that of furniture maker Thomas Chippendale. Although they made their debut as a pair of indistinguishable chipmunks in 1943’s “Private Pluto,” they remained nameless until their third outing, 1947’s appropriately titled “Chip an’ Dale.” The short, directed by Disney Legend Jack Hannah, not only defined what the pair would be called but also defined their personalities, with Chip depicted as being the more serious leader and Dale as the goofier of the two for the first time. Nominated for an Academy Award, “Chip an’ Dale” would help cement its title character’s prominent place in the Disney pantheon, to which the pint-sized partners’ statue in Magic Kingdom’s central hub can attest.


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