Minnie Mouse Shows Off Her Style at Tren-D


Over this past weekend, Disney Springs celebrated National Polka Dot Day with a special “Rock the Dots” event inspired by the fashion sense of Minnie Mouse. For those of us who missed the festivities, there is still place to visit at Disney Springs that spotlights Minnie as a fashion icon every day of the year. While far from the only character featured in the décor of The Marketplace’s “Tren-D,” none are featured quite as predominantly or as stylishly as Mickey’s leading lady. A variety of artistic interpretations of her, including some like the one pictured here that imagine Minnie in an entirely different visual style, can be seen throughout this unique women’s clothing store.

Minnie’s style may be celebrated today, but she exhibited a much simpler and polka dot-free wardrobe in her earliest appearances. In fact, 1928’s “Plane Crazy,” the first Mickey Mouse short to go into production, shows her wearing nothing but a monochrome skirt over a pair of bloomers, even lacking shoes, gloves, and her signature bow. In the years that followed, though, Minnie has amassed quite a collection of outfits including the hundreds that she has worn in Disney’s various theme parks worldwide. Although her sense of style might not be everyone’s idea of high couture, there’s no denying that Minnie Mouse’s look has become nothing short of iconic, just like the mouse herself.


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