Donald Duck Becomes a Masterpiece at Epcot’s Festival of the Arts


Presented during the weekend through February 20th, the “Epcot International Festival of the Arts” is a park-wide celebration of all forms of artistic expression. This latest addition to Epcot’s lineup of annual festival offers art-loving guests a variety special experiences ranging from hands-on workshops to concerts with the stars of some of Disney Theatrical Productions’ Broadway shows. Of course, being a Disney event, the art of Disney Animation and the classic characters that have been introduced through it are predominantly represented as well. One of the more unique methods that some of these characters pop up happens during the Live Performance Art demonstration on Future World’s Fountain Stage, the finished product of which can be seen above.

On the weekend I attended, this energetic presentation was performed by Disney Fine Art artist Stephen Fishwick, who started with a completely black canvas before using his hands to apply layers of paint onto it. At first it only appeared to be messy arrangements of shapes and colors, leaving the curious crowd trying to guess what the subject of the piece might be. However, in just a matter of minutes, a certain excitement built among those gathered as they started to recognize the familiar face of Donald Duck taking shape. The act of watching paint dry is often used as a synonym for the most boring action imaginable, but watching Epcot’s Live Performance Art presentation shows that watching paint be applied can actually be a fun and fascinating experience.

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