The Many Loves of Clarabelle Cow


Located in Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland, “Sir Mickey’s” is a gift shop that draws inspiration from two classic cartoons in which Mickey Mouse battles fairy tale giants: 1938’s “The Brave Little Tailor” and the “Mickey and the Beanstalk” segment from the 1947 package feature “Fun and Fancy Free.” The former film’s influence can be clearly seen in the part of the store themed to Mickey’s tailor shop, complete with some of his clothing designs on display in its windows. One of these sketches depicts one of his friends, Clarabelle Cow, dressed in medieval finery receiving attention from a dashing new suitor. Showing some interest in this potential romance doesn’t seem out of left field for her because, while Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck have only been coupled with their respective boyfriend for decades, Clarabelle been attached to multiple beaus over the years.

Clarabelle Cow’s first romantic partner was Horace Horsecollar, another one of Mickey’s earliest co-stars, beginning in the 1930 short “The Shindig,” in which the two attend a party together. However, in more recent years she has also been frequently paired on-screen with Goofy, most notably in 2004’s direct-to-video feature “Mickey Donald and Goofy: The Three Musketeers” as well as several of Mickey and friend’s recent television shows. Clarabelle even shared a flirtatious encounter with movie star Clark Gable in 1936’s “Mickey’s Polo Team” and even planted a kiss on the leading man while seated next to him to watch the polo match. While I can’t be sure who Clarabelle Cow will be spending Valentines Day with this year, I’m sure an outfit from Mickey’s tailor shop will make the occasion feel like something out of a fairy tale.


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