Making a Pit Stop to See Guido at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort


While there is currently no opportunity to meet and greet with the characters from Disney•Pixar’s “Cars” films in any of Walt Disney World’s theme parks, guests visiting the “Cars” section of Disney’s Art of Animation Resort can do the next best thing. With nearly a dozen life-sized statues of Radiator Springs’ residents scattered throughout the area, there are plenty of opportunities for taking photos with some of the film series’ biggest stars. Fans of Guido, Luigi’s trusty assistant, should definitely make at “pit stop” to the main entrance of Building 3, which is decorated to resemble the storefront of “Luigi’s Case Della Tires.” There, you’ll find the plucky forklift showing off some of the store’s merchandise not far away from another statue of his boss and best friend.

Before beginning the expensive and time-consuming process of animation, studios such as Pixar produce temporary versions of their films made up of story sketches and scratch dialogue, often provided by studio employees, as part of the writing process. When a temporary voice for the Italian-speaking Guido was needed during this part of  the production of “Cars,” the job ended up going to another Guido: Guido Quaroni, who first joined the studio’s technical team to work on 1999’s “Toy Story 2.” In a move that has proved to be not uncommon at Pixar, “Cars” director John Lasseter thought the Italian-born Quaroni’s scratch performance turned out so well that he ended up getting cast as the voice of Guido in the final film. Today, Guido Quaroni holds the position of the company’s V.P. of Software R&D in addition to continuing his side career as a voice actor for projects like the upcoming “Cars 3.”


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