The Fairest Portrait of Them All at Epcot’s Festival of the Arts


In addition to being President’s Day here in the United States, today also marks the final day of the inaugural Epcot International Festival of the Arts. Before it comes to a close, though, I wanted to look back at this wonderful addition to Epcot’s annual festival lineup one more time, specifically one area in which the Disney characters got into the artistic spirit. This lovely portrait of Snow White, for example, could be found on display next to the wishing well where the princess meets with guests in the Germany Pavilion. Judging by the signature in the bottom right corner of the piece, it seems like Doc, the self-appointed leader of the seven dwarfs, has been hiding a real skill at painting all these years.

Doc isn’t the only character who got to show off his artsy side during the festival as similar works of art baring the signatures of other animated stars could also be seen on easels at many of World Showcase’s other meet and greet locations. During the Festival of the Arts, these pieces acted as the perfect backdrop for photos with guests or, during the character’s breaks, something worth posing alongside in its own right. Unlike most of the other festival offerings, which were only presented Fridays through Mondays, these backdrops were even available every day of the week, giving even those not able to attend on the weekend a small taste of the event. Hopefully Walt Disney World guests will be able to get another look at some of these characters’ artistic talent should the Epcot International Festival of the Arts return next year.


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