Donald Duck’s Nephews Go Hollywood


With the 89th Academy Awards ceremony being held this weekend, it seems fitting to spotlight the Walt Disney World theme park that celebrates the magic of the movies: Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Every year, young actors and actresses come to Hollywood in hopes of someday taking home an Oscar in one of the Best Performance categories, but it appears that one of Donald Duck’s nephews has already decided that what he’d really like to do is direct. This statue can be found in the window of Hollywood Boulevard ‘s “The Darkroom” store, on the side of the building facing the park’s entrance. The juvenile duck’s two siblings, as well as their Uncle Donald, are also featured in this display, each of them wearing clothing that would fit into the area’s 1930’s theme.

From the inception of the Academy Award for Best Animated Short in 1932, Disney animated shorts and features have been honored in a variety of categories, and Huey, Dewey, and Louie are no exception. While no short the trio has been featured in has taken home the coveted trophy, their history with the award dates all the way back to their second animated appearance, “Good Scouts,” which received a nomination during the 1939 ceremony. Other Oscar-nominated shorts to feature Huey, Dewey, and Louie include 1941’s “Truant Officer Donald,” 1945’s “Donald’s Crime,” and 1983’s “Mickey’s Christmas Carol,” in which they only had a brief cameo. Although some say its an honor just to be nominated, the real honor for Donald’s nephews is that their films and television appearances continue to entertain audiences nearly 80 years after they first appeared, and with a reboot of “DuckTales” set to premier later this year, is seems their antics will continue to delight fans for many years to come.

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