Toy Story’s Toys Hit the Street on Pixar Place

In the “Toy Story” films, the most important rule all playthings must abide by is that humans must not know that toys come to life when we aren’t looking. This means that they frequent have to freeze in place if they find themselves in danger of being spotted. Usually this just means returning to their places within their kid’s room, but if they find themselves stranded in the outside world, as Woody and Buzz Lightyear’s have several times over the course of the blockbuster Disney•Pixar series, then they must either remain out of sight or inanimate whenever people are around. Apparently this rule even carries over to the real toys at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

While making your way down Pixar Place, be sure to watch your step as you pass the “Toy Story Dept.” shop. This outdoor store has plenty of toys on its shelves, but a few can often be found lying out on the sidewalk in front of it as well. Did some clever cast members place them there, or were Buzz, Woody, and friends out on another adventure and had to quickly drop to the ground just before guests started arriving at the park for the day? We may never know for sure, and I doubt the toys themselves have much to say about the matter… at least while we humans are around.

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