Burrito Spreads His Wings at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort

Last month, Walt Disney World announced a massive expansion of Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, including a new 15-story tower. With all these changes coming to this southwestern-themed resort, hopefully it will not mean the end for some of the aspects of the resort that its guests have grown to love since its opening in 1997. One that has been of particular interest to fans classic Disney animation is “Panchito’s Gifts and Sundries,” a gift shop located just off the main lobby named after one of the stars of Walt Disney’s “The Three Caballeros.” The décor of the store obviously includes several references to Panchito himself as well as his two fellow caballeros, Jose Carioca and Donald Duck, but there is another character from the 1944 film that is featured predominantly within the store.

Upon making your way through the main entrance of “Panchito’s,” you are greeted by Burrito, a winged donkey (or burro) pulling a cart of merchandise. Burrito first appeared in a segment of “The Three Caballeros” titled “The Flying Gauchito,” in which a young gaucho discovers the little flying donkey in the Andes Mountains. After attempting to train little Burrito, the “Gauchito” decides that the pair should enter a horse race, but things don’t end up going exactly as planned for them. While his racing career ended before it really started, Burrito seems happy enough about his current role appearing at Disney’s Coronado Springs, though, and here’s hopping he’ll be there for a good long while to come.

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