Tarzan and Terk Go Wild at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Having been raised by gorillas in an African jungle, there are certainly a lot of places at Disney’s Animal Kingdom that must make Tarzan feel right at home. Those seeking out the star of Disney’s 1999 animated adaption of Edward Rice Burroughs’ classic stories at the park should look near Discovery Island’s “Pizzafari” along the path that will soon lead to the upcoming “Pandora- The World of AVATAR.” While “the ape man” usually appears alone, his best friend Terk also makes surprise appearances alongside him from time to time, as seen here. In years prior, however, Tarzan and his friends use to have a much larger presence in Disney’s wildest theme park.

“Tarzan Rocks!” was a live show performed at “Theater in the Wild,” the current home of “Finding Nemo: The Musical,” from 1999 to 2006. Inspired by the film’s soundtrack, which featured song by Phil Collins, the show was themed to a rock concert complete with a live band. In addition to the music, “Tarzan Rocks!” also featured arial acrobatics, extreme sports stunts, and appearances by characters from the film including Tarzan, Jane, and Terk. Although he may no longer be rockin’ out at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, at least Tarzan’s still hanging around the park to meet with his fans.


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