Daisy Duck in Full Bloom at Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival

Although there are a wide variety of flowers on display as part of the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival, the most impressive daisy isn’t a flower at all. Located at the park’s main entrance, a larger-than-life topiary of Daisy Duck, seen here during the event’s 2014 run, helps welcome guests to this year’s festival along with other classic Disney character topiaries. Earlier this year, Donald Duck’s better half celebrated a major milestone in her career: the 80th anniversary of her screen debut in the 1937 short “Don Donald.” However, we’ll have to wait another three years to celebrate the 80th anniversary of when Daisy received the floral-inspired name we know her by today.

In her first appearance, Daisy was referred to as “Donna Duck,” a name that likely proved to be a little too similar to that of her temperamental co-star. Another similarity the two initially shared was their manner of speaking, with Daisy’s dialogue provided by Disney Legend Clarence Nash using the same unmistakable voice he uses for Donald and his nephews in some of her early cartoons. However, by her second appearance in 1940’s “Mr. Duck Steps Out,” Donna’s name had changed to Daisy, and by 1945’s “Donald’s Crime,” she had gained a more feminine (and easier to understand) voice as well. Although some aspects of her character may have changes since she first appeared on the silver screen, but her 80 year history has proven that a Daisy by any other name would be just as sweet and just as sassy.

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